Product Review: KangarooCare Nursing + Teething Jewelry

As some of you may know, teething just plain SUCKS. As a parent, it hurts watching your child suffer because of the pain they endure, during this bittersweet milestone process. I’ve cried a few times because I just felt so helpless. I’ve spent too much money on gadgets and toys to help relieve the pain. After a couple of tries, I’ve realized that the market will try to sell you anything and everything under the sun, and really all they need is just something simple. Cold teethers don’t last. Chew toys neither, but depends on which one, of course.

I am aware that each child is different, but as far as Emile and I are concerned, all that’s worked thus far is the Nuby Natural Teething Gel and their “gum scratcher”, and Kangaroo Care’s teething jewelry. When they saw how helpless I was and just kept wondering what else is a mom to do, they nicely approached me and offered I try their products for Emile! I was floored!


KangarooCare is an Estonian-based company that makes handmade and organic fashionable wooded and crochet teething necklaces and bracelets for mom, and pacifier holders for baby. I can proudly say that Emile is in love with them! When I forget to put it on, he pulls my chain or bracelet and bites it as an indicator that translates, “Ey maman, I need to bite!” — The beautiful and safe craftsmanship of their products is magnificent! The smell of juniper wood is therapeutic and the organic crochet cotton around the wood is beautifully securely attached. Of course, always use with caution and never leave baby unattended with them, and with very little maintenance, you just need a little water and hang dry!

This product gets an A+ in my motherhood book and I recommend that you check them out as well! You will be very pleased! I even use it as a necklace for my outfits and clean it when  I get back home… Germy people out there!

Also, they were kind enough to answer a few questions, therefore I’ll have a nice little Q&A for you soon so you can get to know them!

How do you deal with the teething stage, and what helps or has helped you?


Shop: KangarooCare
Website: KangarooCare
IG: @kangaroocarebaby


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