Convenient and Tasty Baby Food: @BeechnutFoods is my favourite!

The famous foodie journey is quite exhilarating and EXHAUSTING !! Yes, I said it. It requires a lot of patience because not everything you make your little one will eat. For instance, I don’t know how Emile knows, but he refuses to eat any leftovers! What?! And that’s exactly my thought process! How does he know? It beats me! So most of the time, I have to trick him, but he will bite and then spits it out. 🙄 — As for now, we are still in our stage two purée-ish because he’s not 100% with the whole chewing business. Sometimes he chews, and other times he swallows it whole and it TERRIFIES me! Therefore, mostly everything is still puréed, and after consulting his pediatrician, she said it’s ok and normal. So if your nine-month-old does the same, don’t be worried. Babies have their own timing! Plus he’s teething, and when that happens, he doesn’t want anything but milk and applesauce, which is normal too.

But back to the reason of this post, I am an advocate for Beechnut’s Natural baby food! Everything I give him, I try first. They are all 4oz, which was a great introductory for me when I started his solid journey. Now don’t get me wrong, I also cook, but sometimes convenience for a sleep-deprived parent is a winner! Emile’s favourite is Just Apple & Kale! He is obsessed with it! Just Sweet Corn and Green Beans, Just Sweet Potatoes (not pictured), Just Peas, Green Beans & Asparagus, and Just Honeycrisp Applesauce are some of his favourites. I love them too because their food is real and taste real! It’s also non-GMO and has absolutely no added anything! They also have organic options, for later stages; three. What’s pictured and written on the label is what you get! I love their transparency, and it’s just that simple. Based on the different age group of your baby, each stage, 1, 2 & 3 are categorized by a month average, which is nice, because the higher and the less puréed it taste.

When on the go, just pop it open and feed your little one! Talk about convenience! And to warm, I just put it in the bottle warmer to the desired warmth. They also have pouches, and maybe I’ll give it a shot eventually, but for now, this works for us as an alternative to home cooked meals when mama bear is exhausted. Lol

What’s your favourite baby food brand, and why? I’m curious to know!




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