Time Management vs Motherhood

A set of words that makes me cringe whether hearing or reading is: time management. I am not sure why it’s so hard finding time to do things with a baby…OK, well I suppose I can understand because they require 24/7 care. Nothing against it, because I admire and love every second of it, but my question is: How Does One Find Time to Juggle it All?  — It is so easy to go on any social platforms and think that your followers or friend moms have it “all together“, but quite honestly, I am not sure they do. I am sure they struggle just as much as we, or (speaking for myself) I do. I have been wanting to write this post all day long. It is now 22h44 and here I am typing away. Does motherhood mean you become a night owl? I sort of got the memo, but I don’t think I read it correctly! “Does it Become Easier?” is probably the real question at hand.

Here are some tips that work for me (half of the time):

  1. Nap when baby naps, so you can stay up later (current situation, hence the late post)
  2. Procrastinate, because that’s natural and baby comes first- (sorry social world, we’ll catch up eventually)
  3. Do your personal things at night, because daytime is for your little human
  4. Drink tons of matcha or coffee, followed by water (because no baby wants a dehydrated parent!)
  5. Ask for help! — simple, yet a tad bit difficult to do at times
  6. Cherish the moment– you blink, and they grow. They are our only priority; See Rule 2

What works for you, because I think I might need to refresh my list (lol)!

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