Weekend Favourites, Series One

Ey there lovely,

I hope your second week of the New Year has been wonderful! Mine has been hectic, and I promise to become more consistent. I just had a little hiccup, and tending care to my little boy who was sick from bronchiolitis and ear infection… Barf!

Below is just a little list of guilty pleasures aka favourites, and contemplating on making the leap or not.. in the meantime, a girl can dream!


1. Movie of the Weekend: The Devil Wears Prada — such a classic!

2. Nail Colour of the Weekend: Essie “Licorice” — black never goes out of style!

3. Splurge Wishlist: Gucci Leather GG Belt ( because I do deserve to gift myself, non?)

4. Favourite Weekend Bootie: Chloe “Susanna”  — I’ve had my eyes on those for almost three years now, but the price tag, I couldn’t justify and now even worst… #momlife

5. Song of the Weekend: Nicky Jam “El Amante”

What are some of your favourites?
Have a great weekend!


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