Happy Beautiful New Year, 2018!

Bonne année à tous | Happy New Year!

I know I’ve been slacking it a bit on the blogging side, but last year, only a couple of hours ago lol, was a busy year with tons of changes. I left so many unwanted things in behind, and this year we start fresh. I actually managed to keep only one agenda, and not twelve, so that’s a wonderful start, AND I plan to USE it! Yes, actually use all 365 days of it, because that’s my goal! It may sound silly, but it actually really helps me. Granted my iPhone

does it all, but there’s nothing like some old school handwriting!

I wish the best for you and your family, and may we continue to grow together and support each other! Because that’s what communities are about and that’s my goal!

Speaking of goals, here’s my tip for welcoming the New Year effortlessly:

  1. Be YOU — stop competing, even with yourself! You are made to be who you are, embrace it and promote yourself.
  2. Keep a daily to-do list, maximum 5 things to accomplish daily– this way you’ll feel and be much more organized.
  3. Don’t do a resolution… it’s worthless, don’t you agree?
  4. Reward yourself weekly, bi-weekly or monthly when achieving your goal — it’s amazing, trust me! Write a list of things you want and make that your reward list!
  5. Spread love,❤️ and if you have to fake, don’t do it at all. Honesty is most rewarding.

What are some of your goals this year?




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