My Pregnancy Journey… The Beginning

As adorable and loving my son is, my pregnancy was not as sweet, because of a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. HG is a severe case of morning sickness and vomiting– practically, nothing stays in. I was on a crackers, applesauce and ginger ale diet, which got old very quick, if I may add. As we went on, that stopped staying in. Many women go through different symptoms, and I didn’t have many, but HG was there throughout my whole pregnancy, and it was hard. I had to routinely go to the hospital and get hydrated via IVs and spent some evenings there. Not being able to be « in control » of your body whilst your growing your baby is tough. I had to keep a diary of what I ate, what could stay and couldn’t. And trust me, when I found something that I liked, it could only last one week, or two weeks, if I was lucky. After, it was automatically rejected.

HG is not something that’s mentioned a lot because statistically speaking, 0.3 to 2% of pregnant women are affected. Aren’t I the lucky one! I was grateful enough that my case wasn’t as severe as some other pregnant women. Though they wanted me to have an IV line so a nurse could come hydrate me during the week, my God said no! It won’t be necessary. I struggled with keeping fluids down. I mean, one can only imagine having morning sickness on overdrive. The worst… I couldn’t go out for dinner because nothing would stay. So I cooked for myself. Rice and salmon were my best friends. They’re the ones who truly made it through and I am grateful.

Despite the horror, the hospital visits, the bad sensation, I was beyond happy that my son was growing perfectly inside of me. I was scared, felt guilty and became very emotional about it, but I found a small support group via What to Expect App and it eased the pain, a little. Seeing how some women had it worse than me, I considered myself blessed.

You may wonder if I was medicated? Yes. I was on a daily dose of Diclegis. It was the only FDA approved drug for pregnant women who had severe morning sickness, though it is disclaimed as not being the official remedy for Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Let me tell you, it worked like a glove! It was truly my one shot at being able to enjoy food and vomiting less because it was still happening, but not as frequently. Sometimes I didn’t feel sick for a day or two, but I still would need to get hydrated via IVs because my body was rejected water. And that’s how Publix Sweet Tea became my « hydration solution ». Lol… thinking about it now, it was quite the adventure. I would dilute it with water because let’s be real, it was sweet, therefore a nice little 50/50 mix. After thinking I found a solution, I started having palpitations and trouble breathing, which prompted a hospital visit. Little did I forget, the black tea brewed for the tea was the culprit. So we cut ties and miraculously midway through my third trimester, water and I became friends. It was a relief!

I am telling you this because not every pregnancy is the same and there’s a lot of things that aren’t told because it’s « less than common than others ». Only you know your body, nobody else. Speak up and seek help! You are growing a baby inside of you. Health is a major factor in a healthy pregnancy, and there is help for whatever you might be going through!

« You’ve got this. Never stop fighting » — I told myself every day. And I fought. And fought, and fought some more.

Have you been through this too, or heard of HG? If so, what did you do to make this storm pass?

Stay tuned for another part of my pregnancy journey!


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