Remember « You »


It’s very easy to lose yourself in the midst of parenting, relationship, and working after pregnancy. For a few months, I admit, I’ve forgotten who I was. I loved whom I’ve become, (I mean I am a mom, it can’t get any better than that!) but I knew something was missing, and that was the old me. Not entirely my old habits, but just doing things that relaxed me and put me back in place!

I will keep this short and simple: do not lose sight of who you are. Meaning: take time out for yourself. Rekindle your old flame and date yourself all over again. Sound weird, right? Well, so be it– you’ll thank me later! Finding time is and will always be hard as a parent, because we are a superhero and stretch ourselves out until we’re way past below E. What I’ve learned is to make it happen, no excuses!! I can’t stress it enough. My me-time consist of doing my nails, in my room, living room, anywhere that has a table! So simple, yet sometimes the task can seem undoable! But is how I unleash my inner Caro and kick ass as a mom with polished tips! 💅 💁‍♀️ — Of course, some colours may not last longer than others, and I told myself that it’s ok to have some chipped nails, because A) bottle washing B) laundry C) dishes and the list can go on and on… So just take it off and find another polish! I find that staying within the nude palette is best since it’s less noticeable when chipped. Some brands I like are Butter London, OPI and Essie.  Little recap:

Make no excuses — whatever floats your boat, make it float!

Now off I go to paint my nails 💁‍♀️ — what makes relaxes you?



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